VIR MDF is Rushil Décor Ltd initiative for future of furniture industry in India established in 2012. VIR MDF is one and only latest German technology and design manufacturing facility in South India. VIR MDF is made form eucalyptus and Silver oaks, which are plantation-based wood. Panels manufactured from dried wood fibre, which are bonded together under heat and high pressure using thermosetting resins confirming to IS: 848.

VIR MDF offers various thickness from 7.5 mm to 30 mm with 8L X 4W feet size can be used for lamination, routing, high gloss-UV digital printing, office-home furniture and ready-made furniture making. Efficient management and experienced production team made VIR MDF on leading position in Indian MDF market.

VIR MDF is also available in exterior grade with advance-formulated resin. It is recommended for exterior application where the panel is exposed to moisture and high humidity.

Available Thickness and Sizes

Thickness Gradation Size
7.5mm Interior 1220 X 2440
7.8mm Interior 1220 X 2440
8.0mm Interior 1220 X 2440
8.0mm Exterior 1220 X 2440
9.0mm Interior 1220 X 2440
11mm Interior 1220 X 2440
12mm Interior 1220 X 2440
12mm Exterior 1220 X 2440
15mm Interior 1220 X 2440
16mm Interior 1220 X 2440
16.7mm Interior 1220 X 2440
17mm Interior 1220 X 2440
17mm Exterior 1220 X 2440
18mm Interior 1220 X 2440
18mm Exterior 1220 X 2440
25mm Interior 1220 X 2440
25mm Exterior 1220 X 2440

* Exterior grade available in all thickness suit to bulk inquiries.

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