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VIR MDF – A Best MDF Brand in India

VIR MDF, from the house of Rushil Décor, is a new-age product, a great alternative to solid wood and plywood. It is a favourite of OEM's, SCP's and conventional wood furniture manufacturers across India.

The range includes MDF Boards & Pre-laminated Decorative MDF Panel Boards in VIR PRO (Interior) & VIR PROPLUS (Exterior Grade), Water Resistant MDF Sheets as well as VIR MAXPRO (HDFWR – High-Density Fiber Water Resistant) Boards.

The wood fiber sheets are bonded under heat and high pressure using thermosetting resins, resulting in a uniform and close-packed fiber distribution in the MDF board. The raw materials, plantation-based wood of eucalyptus and silver oaks, the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with the latest..

Trusted MDF Board Suppliers at Best Price in India

VIR MDF is one of the leading MDF board suppliers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Known as the wood of the future, our MDF boards can be used in all residential, commercial and domestic applications. In addition, we also offer VIR PROPLUS (Exterior Grade MDF) and VIR MAXPRO (HDFWR grade) MDF boards at the most competitive prices. There is no doubt that we are one of the best MDF brands in India.

We are a leading MDF board manufacturer in India, committed to providing top-notch products and services. Whether you are a wood panel professional, architect or homeowner, our product range will satisfy your design needs. Our products include MDF panels water resistant MDF sheets, pre-laminated MDF sheets, laminated MDF sheets, VIR MAXPRO boards (HDFWR - High-Density Fibre Water Resistant), Melamine MDF boards, termite resistant MDF boards, VIR PROPLUS (Exterior grade MDF) and VIR PRO ( Interior grade MDF) boards available in different thicknesses so you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Our goal is to cultivate relationships with our customers, suppliers, distributors and dealers and provide them with a comprehensive selection of products, quality products, expert assistance and competitive rates.

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Environmentally Safe Features
Environment Friendly
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Strong & Tough
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Termite - Borer - Fungus Resistant
Moisture Resistant Features
Highly Moisture Resistant
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