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MDF Board & Sheet Supplier in Ahmedabad, India

VIR MDF, from the house of Rushil Décor, is a new age product, a great alternative to solid wood and plywood. It is a favorite of OEM's, SCP's and conventional wood furniture manufacturers across India. The range includes MDF Boards & Pre-laminated Decorative MDF Panel Boards in Interior & Exterior Grades as well as HDFWR (High-Density Fiber Water Resistant) Boards.

The wood fiber sheets are bonded under heat and high pressure using thermosetting resins, resulting in uniform and close-packed fiber distribution in the board. The raw materials, plantation-based wood of eucalyptus and silver oaks, the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with the latest..

MDF Board Manufacturer | Ahmedabad | Gujarat | India

VIR MDF is one of the leading suppliers of MDF Board in Ahmedabad, Gujarat India. It is the wood of the future; VIR MDF boards are best suited for all the domestic, residential and commercial applications. VIR MDF boards are available in Interior grade MDF, Exterior Grade MDF and HDFWR grade. VIR MDF is the Best MDF Brands in India.

VIR MDF - Manufacturer of MDF Board in India’s ambition is to deliver best-in-class products and service to each and every customer - from professionals in the wood panel industry to architects, interior designers and home improvers. Our range of MDF panel boards, Pre Laminated boards, HDFWR boards with wide range of thicknesses allows customers to choose the best suited product for their desired application. VIR MDF sheets are renowned in the market for their quality and trust .We are dedicated to building relationships with our customers and suppliers alike, so we can offer the best choice of products and expert help and advice from our knowledgeable teams, locally - that is our promise to you.

You’ll find a wide and varied range of quality MDF Board, MDF Panel Board, Pre-laminated Decorative boards, HDFWR (High-Density Fiber Water Resistant) boards, Termite Resistant Mdf Board, Water Resistant Mdf Sheet, Melamine Mdf Board, Exterior Grade Mdf Board, Interior Grade Mdf Board along at the best price with decorating essentials. Our VIR MDF team will endeavor to supply what you want, when you need it.

Product Features

Exterior Grade Mdf
Environment Friendly
Exterior Grade Mdf Board
Strong & Tough
Laminated Mdf Board
Dimensionally Stable
Laminated Mdf Sheets
Termite - Borer - Fungus Resistant
Pre Laminated Mdf
Highly Moisture Resistant
Prelam Board
Excellent Machinability