Unlike most other wood based sheet materials, VIR MDF gives uniform and close packed fiber distribution throughout the thickness of MDF allows detailed machining operations to be carried out on the faces and edges without breakout or the exposure of voids within the core of the board.

VIR MDF is being used successfully for the manufacture of tabletops, door panels and drawer fronts with molded edges or profiled surfaces. The smooth and stable surfaces of MDF provide an excellent substrate for painting or the application of decorative foils or wood veneers. The inherent stability, good machinability and high strength of MDF creates opportunities for it to be used as an alternative to solid wood for applications such as drawer sides, cabinet rails, mirror surrounds and moldings.

Although primarily developed for use in furniture, VIR MDF is can be used for shop fitments, exhibition displays, wall paneling, architectural moldings and many other applications where its good machining and finishing characteristics are used to advantage.

Industrial Uses: –

Scientific Instruments; Musical Instruments; Stationary Products; Office Equipment’s; Speaker Boxes; Shoes Heels; Toys; Sports Goods; Pool Tables; Photo Lamination; Clocks; UV Coating; CNC Routing; Laser Engraving Etc.

Furniture: –  Home; Office; Hotels; Schools Etc.

Building and Construction: –  Partition; Ceiling; Flooring; Door; Molding; Skirting; Cornice; Pelmets Etc.

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