MDF Panels: How to Choose the Right One

MDF, also known as Medium Density Fiberboard is a versatile engineered wood fibre product that is relatively less expensive than other hardwood alternatives, such as plywood and stronger than particleboard.

This MDF panel provides a smooth and consistent surface and in addition, it is cost-effective and durable that makes it the most popular panel board alternative among homeowners and professionals.

If you’re in search of pocket-friendly wooden furnisher for your home interior, then MDF is the best solution for you. With MDF panels you can experience the same finish, texture and strength as hardwood in your budget.

Today, these MDF panels are getting enormous fame, these are used for various applications including residential as well as commercial projects. But choosing the right MDF panel for your space interior always remains a tough task.

Further, in this blog we will discuss about MDF panels and their types that will help you to choose the best-suited MDF material for your requirement.

Types of MDF Panels

Standard Grade MDF

This is the most common type of MDF board made by breaking down softwood or hardwood residuals into wood fibers that is mixed with resin and wax that form panels by applying high pressure and temperature.

Standard MDF provides uniform density, smooth surface and ease of workability which makes it an ideal choice for laminating, painting and finishing. It is also known for its stability and is widely used in the furniture, cabinetry, shelving and millwork industries.

The lower cost of this standard MDF panel compared to solid wood makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers.


As compared to Standard MDF Elite is a premium quality MDF material, it is denser than Interior grade MDF and is less likely to warp, split or crack. Its uniform density, smooth surface and consistent quality make it a high-quality material that will provide long-lasting performance and a professional finish.

This mdf can be used in any of the applications where standard MDF is commonly used but it is most commonly used for doors and mouldings because it is a stable and much stronger material.


Ultralite MDF is made using less dense wood fibers and adding lightweight fillers which results in a decrease in weight which means Ultralite MDF weighs 1/3 less than Standard MDF.

The lightweight of this MDF panel makes it easier to handle and transport hence, it can be suitable for applications such as mobile home components, lightweight mouldings, wrapped mouldings and picture frames, wall partitions, cabinetry components, furniture mouldings, display fixtures and CNC spoil boards.

Ultralite MDF offers lower tool wear and acts as an excellent substrate for the low-pressure lamination process. It is optimum for managing freight, logistics and the weight of finished goods. This MDF is typically smoother, more consistent and easier to work in applications where a smooth surface is desired.

High-Density Fibre Water-Resistant Grade (HDFWR) MDF

This type of MDF panel is intended specifically for highly humid conditions such as bathroom vanities, laundry cabinets, kitchen cabinets, shelves, architectural mouldings and architraves.

Heavy-duty moisture-resistant MDF is made using wood fibres, wax and moisture-resistant resin that help to repel water and provide reliable protection against moisture penetration within an MDF panel.

This product is more durable, ultra-strong, anti-fungal, cost-effective and moisture-resistant than natural wood products and is denser and heavier compared to traditional MDF.

You can use this HDFWR for furniture, wardrobes, wall panelling and partitions as this blends well with your home interior and give your space a seamless beauty and strength.

Melamine MDF or Prelam MDF

Melamine MDF is a type of engineered wood product that is manufactured by applying controlled pressure and heat to decorative melamine-impregnated paper on MDF boards. This creates a high-quality, durable, smooth finish and moisture-resistant material with a uniform texture.

Due to its versatility, Melamine MDF or Prelam MDF is extremely adaptable and has good screw-holding strength and that is why it is used in a wide range of applications which includes cabinets, kitchens, shelving, wall panelling, store fixtures, office furniture, retail outlets, and more.

This material is one of the greatest furnishing panel alternatives as it is resistant to moisture, grazing and cracks. Its cutting-edge manufacturing process protects from cracking, splitting, warping and termite and fungus infestation.

Interior Grade MDF

You can give your space a distinctive look using this Interior Grade MDF, its homogenous fine texture, inherent stability, high bonding and easy machinability makes it easier to warp, and polish which can be used in an endless array of residential designs and commercial interiors.

Interior Grade MDF can be best used in making wardrobes, tabletops, cabinets, cupboards, handicraft items, toys, wall cladding, false ceilings, bookshelves, partitions, modular furniture and more.

This material is highly versatile, long-lasting and cost-effective and its uniform density and smooth texture make it best suitable for indoor applications.

Exterior Grade MDF

This board has a higher density and is considered finer than the interior grade. This high-quality Exterior Grade MDF is resistant to external forces and has a uniform structure.

It offers protection against fungal degeneration and termite infestations and provides numerous advantages to traditional MDF such as, it provides flawless surface, ease of painting and it is environment friendly.

This MDF is more cost-effective alternative to solid wood or other engineered wood products. Because of its high durability, dimensional stability and moisture-resistant property the Exterior Grade MDF becomes suitable for a wide range of applications like signage, soffits, moulding, outdoor bars, outdoor cabinets and storage, and outdoor kitchens.

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Medium Density Fiberboard is the best substitute for natural wood products and in recent years, it has emerged as a sustainable building material. There are varieties of MDF panels available in the market and a few are mentioned above. Going through the blog will help you to pick up the desired MDF that will be suited to your requirement.

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