Difference between MDF and VIR MAXPRO (HDFWR)

Since you are thinking about buying fibreboard for your home's interiors, you have probably heard of High-Density Fibre Water Resistant Board (HDFWR) and Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF). Both of them were made by combining wood fibres and resin under extreme pressure and heat to make a wood like replacement panel. It is environment-friendly property makes it more popular nowadays.

Both types of boards are widely used for high-end commercial spaces and modern interior design and furniture. The plank's surface is flat and smooth, making it easy to paint or press with various decor surfaces like veneer, acrylic, melamine, laminates, and paint.

Remember that the two products are not substitutes of each other. Perhaps you are wondering what makes them different if they're both created the same way. Let’s comprehend the differences between VIR MAXPRO (HDFWR) and MDF and see which works best for you. Here is the vast explanation about both the products: -

Difference between MDF and HDFWR


  1. In contrast to VIR MAXPRO (HDFWR) boards, which are much stronger, MDF boards are medium-strong in terms of strength and durability.
  2. Compared to other panel boards on the market, both of these items are relatively less expensive and readily available. But MDF is a more cost-effective product than VIR MAXPRO (HDFWR). For an instance, VIR MAXPRO (HDFWR) HDFWR is as sturdy as ordinary wood or plywood but costs a fraction of the price.
  3. VIR MAXPRO (HDFWR board) is preferred for furniture in high-traffic areas such as movies, hotels, government offices, and other commercial establishments or applications where more sturdiness is required. Due to its weather resistant feature it is also one of the most suitable materials for laminate flooring.
  4. MDF is utilised in a variety of furniture, cabinets, and storage shelves. It can also be found in a variety of decorative objects and wall claddings.
  5. The density of MDF varies between 600 to 800 kg/m3. VIR MAXPRO (HDFWR) oppositely has 850 kg/m3 to 900 kg/m3 density. As a result, VIR MAXPRO (HDFWR) is heavier and more durable than MDF, whilst being bulkier.
  6. VIR MAXPRO (HDFWR board) has a long lifespan compared to MDF due to its dense structure. If it's properly cared and used it can last more than the average lifespan of MDF board. Whilst if MDF is used in the dry environment then you can expect up to 10 years of life. If it's properly laminated then it lasts for 15 to 20 years.
  7. Water is also a major problem with MDF. It swells as it absorbs water. VIR MAXPRO (HDFWR board) isn't completely water-resistant, but it's a lot better than MDF. You can find VIR MAXPRO (HDFWR board) with a higher water-resistance rating.
  8. Commercial areas such as corporates, hotels, theatres, malls and so forth use high-density fibreboards. Whereas medium-density fibreboards are commonly used in both residential and small to medium commercial spaces.
  9. Because they both have different build structures, their usage instances may also differ. MDF board can be used for cabinets, furniture, speaker exterior, creating a showpiece etc. VIR MAXPRO (HDFWR board) board is appropriate for furniture with grooves, door skins, backing panels and heavy furniture making applications.

Final Verdict

Both the products differ in terms of density, price and usage in the different applications. VIR MAXPRO (HDFWR) and MDF sheets have a smooth and uniform surface which is ideal for painting. These boards do not warp or crack even when the season changes, which helps to prevent any sort of distortion of any internal applications. So if you want the application to be strong and withstand the weight then go for VIR MAXPRO (HDFWR) or you want to cut and shape the boards and use for lighter furniture making applications then better choose the MDF board.

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