VIR PROPLUS 'Exterior-grade MDF boards': Everything you need to know

You are perhaps aware of the Medium-Density Boards (MDF) and their contribution to the interior-decorating industry. This exceptional material from VIR MDF (A flagship brand from Rushil Décor) comes in a diverse range like Interior-grade MDF, PROPLUS Exterior-grade MDF and MAXPRO HDFWR grade. These ranges are not only durable but also add a captivating functional benefits and look to residential and commercial furniture applications.

MDF boards are sometimes portrayed negatively for not being able to incorporate in outdoor applications. It comes in PROPLUS Exterior-grade that can resist humidity, fungal and termite infestation. VIR MDF’s VIR PROPLUS (exterior-grade MDF boards) are manufactured by bonding them at high pressure with thermosetting resins and additives.

If you have any questions about why VIR PROPLUS (exterior-grade MDF boards) are perfect for outdoor applications, then this blog can give you overall reasons to purchase VIR PROPLUS (exterior-grade MDF boards).


Reasons to buy VIR PROPLUS "Exterior-Grade MDF Boards"

  • Exterior-grade MDF boards are manufactured specially to withstand tough climate conditions. In comparison to a standard MDF board, it will not swell or distort easily even in humid conditions.
  • VIR PROPLUS boards have a uniform density and homogeneous structure. The boards are dimensionally stable, so they do not contract or expand with heat in comparison with solid wood or other alternatives.
  • In terms of cost, exterior-grade MDF boards are reasonable in comparison to plywood and solid wood. There is no additional expense because it is offered to everyone and is within reach.
  • Exterior-grade MDF boards have a positive impact on the environment and register low levels of formaldehyde emissions.
  • The MDF sheets are easy to cut, shape, mould, route, and bore with woodworking equipment and tools. The boards do not splinter or flake, which helps to create beautifully intricate designs. You can create unique and innovative applications for the outdoors.
  • VIR PROPLUS boards can be used for internal and external furniture.
  • VIR PROPLUS exterior-grade MDF boards feature a smooth, knot-free surface. Its smooth texture can make space look striking and appealing. For instance, eye-catching MDF furniture in your home can give an overall pleasing look. The best thing about mdf panel board is that they are less expensive to make compared to plywood furniture.
  • Fine wood fibres make up the exterior-grade MDF boards. It has no knots, by making it as smooth canvas to paint on. Due to this, you can decorate the furnishing that matches the properties.
  • VIR PROPLUS boards are resistant to termite, borer and fungus. This extends the life of the furniture and reduces the need for unneeded replacement or repair.
  • With superior quality, VIR PROPLUS boards are easy to laminate, veneer, lacquer and paint. Whether the theme is minimalistic or chic, you can design furniture that gives a vibrant and majestic look to your premises.

Uses of VIR PROPLUS (Exterior Grade MDF Board)

  • Exterior mouldings
  • External signage
  • Furniture
  • Doors
  • Sports scoreboards
  • Fascia’s
  • External woodwork
  • Marine craft interiors.

Wrapping Up

Exterior-grade MDF boards have high density, strength, and all the same advantages as conventional MDF boards, including ease of painting, zero presence of knots, a suave surface, high workability, and so on. In comparison with regular MDF boards, they are much more durable.

If you are looking for an exterior-grade MDF board, then you are in the right place. VIR MDF is one of the best brands in India. We offer VIR PROPLUS (exterior-grade MDF boards), which are easy to incorporate into your furnishing projects. Apart from that, we also deliver a wide range of MDF boards at reasonable price.