VIR PROPLUS (Exterior Grade MDF Board)

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VIR MDF announces the new VIR PROPLUS (Exterior Grade MDF board), which has a better density and durability than ordinary MDF. This product is designed for use on a wide range of applications and is bonded under high pressure using thermosetting resins that are suitable for high-humidity environments. The VIR PROPLUS (Exterior Grade MDF) quality MDF board is tough and long-lasting, making it ideal for prefinished portioning applications. This grade is resistant to external forces and has a steady and uniform structure. The board is a moisture-resistant panel that has been treated to prevent fungal degeneration and termite infestations. The VIR PROPLUS (Exterior Grade MDF boards) are environmentally benign and contain low amounts of formaldehyde, ensuring your family's safety.

Aside from having great density and strength, it offers all of the same advantages as conventional MDF boards, such as ease of painting, lack of knots, inability to splinter, ability to be moulded or carved and a flawless surface. The MDF grade board for the exterior might be laminated, veneered, lacquered, painted or PVC laminated. External signage, shop fronts, exterior displays, exterior mouldings, exterior display stands, garden furniture components, door parts-raised and fielded panels, marine craft interiors, balcony chairs, sports scoreboards and more are all possible applications. If you need VIR PROPLUS (Exterior Grade MDF Boards) for your home or business, contact VIR MDF. It's available in the sizes and thicknesses listed below.

Key Feature of the Exterior Grade MDF board:

  • Superior Quality
  • High Density
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Fungus- Resistant
  • Termite- Resistant
  • Moisture-Resistant
  • Borer-Resistant
  • Latex free board
  • Double hardened

Available Size:

6ft x 4ft (1830 mm x 1220 mm) | 8ft x 4ft (2440 mm x 1220 mm) | 8ft x 6ft (2440 mm x 1830 mm)

Available Thicknesses:

3.3 mm | 5.5 mm | 7.5 mm | 11 mm | 17 mm | 18 mm | 25 mm

VIR PROPLUS - Exterior Grade MDF Image


  • Interior Grade MDF Board Image

    VIR PRO (Interior Grade MDF)

    Available Size : 8ft x 4ft, 8ft x 6ft
    Available Thicknesses : 2 mm | 3.3 mm | 4 mm | 4.3 mm | 4.6 mm | 5.5 mm | 7 mm | 7.3 mm | 9.75 mm | 11 mm | 14.5 mm | 16 mm | 16.5 mm | 17 mm | 18 mm | 25 mm