Facts about MDF That You Should Know

MDF stands for Medium Density Fibreboard which is also referred to as ‘super wood’, it is a highly compressed fine wood-based fibre strong product. This man-made MDF sheet material is very versatile and durable that can be used across various construction, furniture making and quirky decorative and interior design projects.

MDF board has gained a lot of popularity nowadays in the panel board industry and people are getting aware of its benefits and have developed understanding of why MDF is perfect for such applications.

Here we’ll talk about some interesting and fun facts about this engineered MDF wood panel that make it an even more fascinating building material that you probably never knew before!

Know the Fact of MDF

The Happy Accident of Creation of Sustainable MDF Board:

If we uncover the history of MDF sheet creation then we get to know MDF came out accidentally from the State of California U.S.A. in the year 1925.

An inventor named William Manson and a close friend of Thomas Edison were trying to figure out the use of the huge amount of leftover wood chips and shavings that were discarded by lumber mills.

One evening, he forgets to shut down his machinery and he left the machinery to work overnight. As a result, the woodchips turned into a thin, durable sheet.

The broken-down softwood which is in the form of powder also called sawdust or wood shavings got highly compressed with resin binder and glue that formed an MDF sheet.

Who would have thought this happy accident resulted in one of the most loved and popular interior design materials?

The Versatility of the MDF Board:

MDF is made up of a composite material of high quality, unlike wood; it does not warp or crack. As it is a relatively stable product, durable and sustainable it can be used as the greatest replacement for building materials for real wood.

MDF works beautifully with machines, it cuts easily in the desired shape, you can apply any colour to the material and it gets sprayed incredibly well and offers a final surface that is very smooth.

Because of its impressive versatility, many model home designers use MDF to design homes and create intricate building models.

The homogeneous structure without layers and uniform properties of MDF ensure equal strength in all directions and provide dimensional stability in variable environmental conditions.

You can also get laminated MDF board; MDF can be veneered, lacquered, painted or coated with PVC laminate.

It has become easier to find space with interior or furniture being made with MDF nowadays.

Soundproof Your Home with MDF:

As the Medium Density Fibreboard is very uniform, solid and durable it can be used in any setting from commercial to residential.

Considering the characteristics of MDF such as its high density, thickness, STC rating and smooth-to-the-touch quality makes it effectively absorbs all sound frequencies and it is the go-to for making soundproof enclosures for speaker boxes, generators and music studios.

MDF panels are excellent to use in an office, residential apartments and studio walls as this material keeps the noise away from a whisper-quiet environment.

MDF is the Safe Option:

If we talk about the MDF’s potential health risks, then MDF is one of the safest and most sustainable wood options available in the market today.

At VIR-MDF we’re manufacturing high-quality MDF boards that are made up of eco-certified composites that meet all established environmental standards for health and safety.

Another health concern regarding MDF is the dust that is been created during production. The very fine dust particles can easily mix into the environment and breathing in this dust can cause irritation and other respiratory problems. The proper usage of dust masks and effective ventilation systems can eliminate the negative side effects of MDF dust.

Final Takeaway:

To create high-quality sustainable wooden boards, MDF has become the top choice within the wood panel industry.

It is a cost-effective solution for many home décor and construction applications.

MDF has become a beneficial replacement for plywood, as a material, it is very versatile, cost-effective and an incredible choice that fully enhances the aesthetic appeal of your business and provides a well-desired result.