HDFWR Board in Gujarat


VIR HDFWR (High Density Fiber Water Resistant) Boards, another of Rushil’s exciting product innovations, is an ideal substitute for plywood. made from high density fibre, these heavy-duty boards are ultra-strong, moisture-resistant, anti-fungal and borer-resistant while being eco-friendly with great machinability.

Rushil’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, using the technology, ensures impeccable quality of HDFWR boards. its high water resistant characteristic makes it highly recommended for kitchens and bathrooms. it is also best utilized for wardrobes, furniture, partitions, wall paneling and more.

VIR HDFWR offers a wide range that blends style and substance to inspire unique new age interior designs that infuse beauty with strength.




The density of VIR HDFWR ranges from 850-900 kg/m3 making it stronger and more durable.

The density of plywood ranges from 460-680 kg/m3.

Special wax is used in VIR HDFWR to give it a high water absorption characteristic due to which it can be used for high moisture prone areas.

As plywood is layered, they can come apart on prolonged exposure to water.

HDFWR provides a smooth and uniform surface.  As it doesn’t have any grain, it is very easy to paint on HDFWR.

Plywood needs to be finished thoroughly through sanding and other processes before any application is carried out on it.

As HDFWR is machine assembled, we can get it made in lesser time.

Furniture has to be created manually using pieces of plywood which makes it a time-consuming process.

VIR HDFWR contains an ideal routable substrate with sharp cuts and round edges.

As plywood has a tendency to sag/bend, it isn't advisable to use ply for applications that require longer pieces of wood such as our front doors, benches, wardrobe doors, etc.

VIR HDFWR uses hardwood(eucalyptus) to provide higher and more uniform density.

Uniformity and consistent thickness aren't available in plywood.

VIR HDFWR provides easy workability and cost-effective panelings.

Plywood is expensive as compared to other engineered wood products.

VIR HDFWR is termite-borer-fungus resistant.

Plywood is vulnerable when exposed to termite-borer-fungus.

VIR HDFWR is available in one grade

  • HDFWR Board in India

    Available Size : 8ft x 4ft
    Available Thicknesses : 3 mm | 12 mm | 16 mm | 16.5 mm | 16.7 mm | 18 mm | 25 mm