How to Give Your Furniture a Lavish Look with MDF?

People frequently believe that giving a home a luxurious look will cost a fortune, but this is not the case; all you have to do is choose the available options intelligently to create a luxurious home on a budget. You can hunt for cost-effective solutions that look great, take advantage of a company sale to acquire high-quality paint, renovate your old furniture, or use MDF boards. Lightings can be pricey if you want a fully new set of furniture, but you can choose simple lighting that suits your decor and go for DIY home décor items that are readily available in the market.

Here, we'll show you why MDF is the finest choice for giving a luxurious look to your home or office furniture at a lower cost than real wood or plywood. MDF boards are long-lasting, have a smooth surface, are simple to paint, cut and drill and mould and have a slew of other benefits that make them a popular option among interior designers and architects.

Lavish Look with MDF

Ways to Make your Furniture look Lavish with MDF

  1. Painting the MDF furniture
  2. VIR MDF boards are simple to paint and you can paint the entire piece of MDF furniture by first using solvent-based priming and then using regular paint. If you merely want to give your old MDF furniture a new look, you can easily apply a coat of paint to give it a new look. You can choose any colour, such as black, red, white, or any bright hues, depending on the style of the décor, such as retro, boho, rustic and more.

    To make rustic furniture, prime and paint the pieces first, then dip the brush in white paint. Brush the paint quickly over the object, producing many streaks. Go over everything with steel wool to produce a blend that reveals a little colour beneath the base coat. This gives a distressed look without revealing the MDF underlying and it's commonly used to resemble real wood.

  3. Dressing it up
  4. Different types of mouldings and trims can make a piece of MDF furniture look more appealing and streamlined. Wood trim is easy to install on MDF and comes in a range of sizes and styles. To produce a panelling look on doors or drawers, use wood glue to secure moulding across the top of a bookcase and the front of each shelf, or mitre the trim ends to create a panelling look.

    Use unique pull and knobs on the MDF pieces instead of typical doorknobs. All you have to do now is replace the old pulls or knobs and drill new ones.

  5. Giving a Texture look to Furniture
  6. Use a slightly darker hue as an undercoat and the main colour as a second layer to give the MDF furniture a textured effect. After that, softly scuff some places, such as corners, with sandpaper to reveal the colour below and bring textures to life on the MDF furniture. After the paint has dried, use sandpaper to lightly sand the areas you want to expose. To get the textures you want, experiment with different brush strokes.

  7. Creative Ideas for Bookshelves
  8. For bookshelves or dressers, you can use wallpaper, decals or any other decorative material on sections such as behind the shelving or on the faces of drawers to create a unique look at a low cost.

    Use temporary wallpaper, such as printed, paper-backed vinyl, cloth and more, to dress up MDF furniture. You might also use other colours, such as solid or stencilling, to paint the region. Even placing drapes or antique armoires to the bookcases adds a nice touch.

  9. Eye-catching Table Ideas
  10. Old and uninteresting tables are never fun. Whether it's a coffee table or a study table, MDF board is easier to personalise than other materials. Decoupage of any graphical fabric, such as printed, marble contact paper, etc., can be added to the table to match the interiors. MDF tables aren't just for living rooms; they're also seen in workplaces, conference rooms, meeting rooms, cabins, wall panelling, cubicles and more and come in a variety of stylish colours ranging from black to grey.

  11. Think about Finishing Touches
  12. The nicest part about working with MDF is that you can modify it to match your decor and have a high possibility of making one-of-a-kind furniture. You can be as creative as you want with extra and final finishing touches like candles, pillows, vases and books, or by replacing regular knobs with distinctive ones.

Wrapping Up

MDF is one of the most popular panel materials for interior décor among clients. In comparison to other materials, MDF is inexpensive. MDF boards are termite, borer and water resistant, making them more durable over time. MDF is a great material for carving complex features or mouldings in furniture and it won't splinter thanks to its smooth surface.

Are you looking for MDF boards that are both inexpensive and durable? Then you've come to the right place. VIR MDF is an Indian MDF board manufacturer and supplier who offers MDF sheets in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.