How To Select The Right MDF Board?

People have started to switch to more cost-efficient and durable solutions while looking for the right furnishing for their home décor. MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is becoming the popular choice among customers because of its various advantages and attractive features. It is an engineered wood product that is stronger than particleboard and affordable than plywood. Many brands are offering MDF boards but choosing the right one is a daunting task. Different types of MDF like VIR PRO (Interior Grade MDF), VIR PROPLUS (Exterior Grade)MDF, and VIR MAXPRO (HDFWR grade) MDF are also available to choose from so it becomes important to do some prior research before planning to buy it. Let us understand in this blog how you can select the best-matched MDF for your furnishing or decorating use.
Select Right MDF Board
  1. External Observation - MDF is known for its smooth finish and perfect exterior look without any knots or bubbles compared to particleboard. It also has a uniform colour characteristic which creates additional shine on the surface. You should make all these observations before selecting any particular MDF board. If the MDF board justifies all the above external features, then it is the right one for you.
  2. Check out the box content - As you check the ingredients list before buying any edible products, you should also check the product content before buying MDF. As Formaldehyde is used in the production of MDF, it is better to check for its concentration. Higher Formaldehyde provides the perfect finish to the boards and thus manufacturers use it for presenting their product better. But you should also know that higher Formaldehyde concentration can be harmful. Therefore it is advisable to check the content details of any particular MDF manufacturer before deciding to purchase it.
  3. Quality - The main aim of buying good quality furniture is to ensure that it will not get affected in any diverse situation for a longer time. All the wooden items have to get through several criteria to obtain the Standard Quality Clearance Certificate. And it is obvious that you should only buy certified products to guarantee the safety and durability for your home or office furnishings. You can also check the green and red labels on the board which represents that it is fire and water retardant respectively.
  4. Know the type - MDF comes with various panels for different requirements and different projects, hence they are available in different sizes and thickness. You should understand the types for the reason that it is better to use a particular type of thickness MDF for a particular need.
    • VIR PROPLUS (Exterior Grade) MDF - Here the panels are open to moisture and high humidity and it is also water-resistant. It can protect from rots and termites as well. So you should always use an VIR PROPLUS (Exterior Grade MDF) for any exterior projects.
    • VIR Interior Grade – In the VIR Interior Grade MDF, the panel is not exposed to humidity and moisture. So it is better to use this type of MDF for internal applications only.

In addition to this, some other points that you must keep in mind while purchasing Medium Density Fiberboards are:

  • Do check if the edge of the MDF is flat or it has a lifting phenomenon.
  • Look out for a firm furniture structure. If it has any large gaps, then it indicates that the work done while processing the MDF is rough and this type of board can easily be distorted in the long run.
  • The quality of the joint used to join the two pieces of MDF is very important because ultimately it will affect the quality of the furniture. Mainly joints like spline joints, butt joints, etc. are used for MDF.
  • Check whether the MDF is environment friendly or not. Some paints when applied on MDF have damaging effects as they may contain some harmful gases. The environment grade of E1 or E0 is considered safe.
  • Your MDF board should be borer and termite resistant so check from the manufacturer about it and choose properly.
  • The last and the most important – understanding the application. Decide for which part of the house or office or commercial application you want to use MDF boards. Based upon that, decide your budget and then choose which one to buy.

Wrapping up:

MDF can be the best alternative to wood and plywood that fits your budget. It has its own advantages, but if used for proper application and from a good manufacturer, then it can resolve many issues like durability, strength, protection from humidity and moisture and also from termites and other insects. In this blog, we have understood some of the aspects that you should consider before buying an MDF board. When it comes to the best quality MDF boards, VIR MDF is a preferred choice. Our MDF boards are suited for domestic, residential and commercial applications. So end your worries with us by trying our excellent products like MDF Panel Boards, PreLaminated Boards and VIR MAXPRO (HDFWR Boards). Contact us for more information.