Some Artistic and Innovative MDF Uses Which Will Make You WOW.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is an engineered wood that can be used as an alternative to solid wood and plywood. People nowadays prefer MDF over wood as it is inexpensive, durable and gives the same finish and usability like solid wood or plywood. The advantages of MDF are countless. MDF is used in many interior and exterior applications for residential and commercial purposes like furniture, cabinets, shelves, doors, frames, wainscoting, speaker boxes, etc. But did you know that you can also make creative use of MDF? As MDF fits within your budget, you can get your creative ideas into work and get customized ways and designs where you can make the use of MDF to showcase your unique style.

Let us show you some innovative uses of MDF:

  1. Wall Décor - If you are someone who does not like boring walls, then MDF is for you! You can use MDF in many ways to add some style and glam designs to your walls.
  2. Wall Decor Image
    • Try using different shapes for creating MDF shelves which you can hang on your wall making them decorative.
    • You can also create a storage space for the organization of multiple things in your house. Use MDF moulding along the walls, paint the trim with any colour and give it a polished look.
    • Another idea is to use painted MDF planter boxes with liner trays in the walls of your living room or balcony to get lots of health benefits and a peaceful look at the same time.
    • You can design a 3D wall look using MDF by just cutting the pieces into different sizes and arranging them together into a beautiful design.
  3. Frames - Different types of frames can add a personal touch to your space. As MDF has a smooth surface, it is easily paintable and can help you get creative.
  4. TV Cabinaet Frame Image
    • You can get a DIY picture frame with finer details with the help of MDF.
    • Create various types of picture frames with complex or custom shapes, interesting rounded edges, multidimensional collage frames, etc. and add some life to your house.
    • Give a timeless look to any room by framing your TV using MDF. Create a designer frame around your TV so that you can use it as a digital picture frame when it is in the off condition. Also you can make a beautiful TV cabinet from MDF with designer laminate on it. Alternatively you can use PreLam MDF board to make the above which suits your home décor.
    • Get a scrappy design above your fireplace or in the dining room by just arranging some scraps with paint and glue into any sort of hard piece and adding a MDF frame to it. It is a great DIY ‘Best out of Waste’ idea.
  5. Advanced Shelves ideas - Some greatly designed shelves can add style and versatility to the shelving system in your place.
  6. Shelves Idea
    • Modular stacking shelves boxes created using MDF will provide you with a nice designer look and also a storage solution to any space.
    • To showcase your photos or artworks stylishly, use display shelves, as MDF is perfect for shelving and solid enough to hold your artwork.
    • Using MDF for a dynamic laundry room or washroom shelving design is an effective idea. You can build a set of drawers with a different colour combination using MDF panels.
  7. Storage minimization - Get the perfect storage space that will keep your extra things organized in a stylish manner.
  8. Storage Minimization Image
    • Use MDF for built-in shelving in the kitchens to manage the high traffic and storage problems there.
    • MDF offers balanced desk ideas for multifunctional applications in small spaces. Create a small working space in your office without using too much space, for decor paint it or laminate it for the best looks.
    • To get more space in your bedroom, add a rolling shelf under the bed to store small and extra things.
    • MDF can also be used to get creative storage in public spaces like schools. To attract children and bring fun to their activities, plan and use MDF panels to build the frames in the repeating square design and fill it with their favourite books.
  9. Room Divider - A purposeful room divider can also add charm to a space. There are many customized ways you can use MDF as a room divider.
  10. Room Divider Image
    • You can cut MDF into any size or shape; hence MDF is a great option for this purpose. Add hinges to MDF so that you can also fold the divider when you want to open the space.
    • Use MDF as a divider for living rooms, office cabins or studio apartments to feel cosier.
    • Make your room divider a personalised featured piece of your home by glueing your favourite wallpaper or fabric over MDF.
    • You can use stunning and trendy designs , carving of MDF dividers in your rooms to make the space more flexible.
    • Add intentional style to your space by using the divider as a statement piece above the fireplace or against the wall.

Wrapping Up:

One must be artistic with the designing of own house as it showcases your creative side. And MDF is perfect if you want to experiment with new ideas and designs. In this blog, we have seen a variety of uses of MDF for a large number of areas. So we can say that there is no limit of applications of MDF and it can be a great option for your next project. MDF has been a go-to solution for producing mock-up projects for many expert woodworkers and designers. Get through your requirements and choose any of the ideas above to use MDF for your desired place. VIR MDF is a leading name when it comes to the manufacturing of top quality MDF. We provide MDF panels or sheets for your requirements. We are here to help you with your next project. Get in touch with us now.