How Has MDF Become Quite Prevalent as a Cabinet Door Material?

Cabinetry selection is no easy process. The process may get daunting with so many door types, colours, finishes and materials to pick from. When shopping for new kitchen cabinets, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is the material to utilise for the doors. The paint, hardware, appliances and countertop you select are all influenced by the cabinet material you prefer.

There are plenty of materials to choose from for your cabinet door such as solid wood, plywood, particle board, MDF etc. Among them, MDF has become a popular choice nowadays for cabinets. Let us check why.

MDF Use as aCabinet Door Material

Why MDF is Becoming Popular as a Cabinet Door Material?

Contrary to common opinion, wood is not always the best option for your house furniture; in some cases, engineered wood may be the preferable option. This engineered wood comes in a variety of styles and varies in density, size, adhesive type, moisture content, wood type and thickness. MDF board is a value for money but still robust alternative to solid wood.

MDF sheet is made of compressed wood fibres, resin and glue. It is denser, resilient and more long-lasting. As a result of these factors, it has nearly as many applications as solid wood. MDF is commonly utilised in cabinet doors in homes. MDF doors can also be used on solid wood cabinets because solid wood doors have fewer customization options compared to MDF doors.

Why Choose MDF as a Cabinet Door Material?

MDF is used in various residential and commercial applications as interior furniture due to several reasons:

  • Extreme temperature changes or humidity do not affect the structure of MDF due to which it does not crack or bend. Thus your cabinet doors are safe with MDF!
  • MDF requires minimal maintenance unlike solid wood but compared to solid wood, it is much cheaper, sturdier and hard-wearing.
  • MDF sheets are available in various sizes than solid wood and are also available as water-resistant MDF sheets which can keep your door protected for a long time. For these reasons, HDFWR MDF boards can be great for high moisture areas like the bathroom.
  • In the manufacturing process of MDF, wood chips are collected, cleaned and placed into a defibrator, which breaks the wood chips down to minute fibres using spinning discs. Thus MDF is made from extremely small particles (Like fine wood fibre); therefore there is no visible grain on its surface. This makes the surface of MDF smoother, which is best for painting.
  • MDF Board can be cut and drilled in a variety of ways without bearing any damage due to its fine structure. For achieving a glass-like surface, MDF can be carefully cut, polished and painted.
  • MDF offers the most customization options. Intricate MDF designs can be made using high-speed CNC cutting equipment to generate many distinct 3-D profiles that are ideal for cabinet doors due to their density and stable structure. Shaker-style cabinet doors, flat panelled doors, inset doors, raised doors and many others are among the various kinds of cabinet door options available. MDF is also utilised for specific parts like door centre panels.

Where can you use MDF boards?

  • Interior and exterior doors
  • Interior panelling
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Bathrooms
  • Wainscoting
  • Shelving
  • Mouldings
  • Trims

Winding UP:

Knowing the differences between each material and its attributes is vital for homeowners who are building or renovating their homes. MDF has now become one of the most preferred building materials as it is cost-effective, durable and incredibly adaptable in terms of use.

MDF is by far the most popular alternative to real wood in our kitchen makeovers. Rather than going for a common wood look, if you want to be more creative with your kitchen remodel, MDF allows you to experiment with a variety of colours by using laminate sheets or using Prelam MDF boards. Choose quality MDF products to take your kitchen remodelling job to the next level if you have always wanted a custom-looking painted kitchen. Thus, cabinet doors made of MDF are quite popular and make a fantastic choice for any kitchen.

VIR MDF is a leading manufacturer and supplier of paramount quality MDF products in the market. Are you ready to incorporate this MDF cabinet door material in your house? Shake hands with us today!