Why MDF Is Better Than A Plywood For Customers

Every homeowner wants to buy furniture which material can long last and cost-efficient. In that case, MDF is a good option. MDF is getting popular among customers due to its characteristics. First, let’s understand what MDF is. Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is an engineered wood that is made by wood fibres by breaking down the hardwood and softwood mixtures. As it is made up of wood fibres, there is no visibility of any wood grains or knots in the MDF sheet. In the choice between MDF and Plywood, it is better to choose MDF as it is considered wood of the future and cost-efficient with the variety of choices for the customers. Many homeowners who have invested in MDF furniture’s, modular kitchens and wardrobes are happy about it. Here are a few points about why MDF is a better and preferred option than plywood:-
MDF is Better Than A Plywood

Points That MDF is Better Than Plywood

1. Cost-efficient

In the matter of cost, a Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is much cheaper and affordable than plywood. The cost of plywood usually depends upon the grade and variety, so a higher grade is equal to higher the expensive cost. MDF is reasonable in terms of price and maintenance than the plywood so it is considered a favourite choice among the customers.

2. Workability

In terms of workability, the MDF board is perfect for cutting, machining and drilling without producing any sort of splinters, there are no knots and wood scraps in the sheet so it makes easy in finishing. The best thing about MDF is that it can be shaped and moulded to cut from which smooth decorated edges can be created. On the other hand, plywood is difficult to be shaped or formed to cut and the edges are coarse and have splinters.

3. Easy to cut

MDF is easy to cut due to its smoothness and consistency which helps to create a thorough design by using a band saw, scroll saw or jigsaw. While comparing it with plywood, it is quite challenging to cut thorough designs because the edges will be shard and you won’t even get a smooth cut.

4. Environment friendly

In comparison with plywood, MDF is considered eco-friendly and green as it uses plantation wood and Plywood is made out of wood veneer which is sort of less eco-friendly.

5. Splinters

The edges of MDF is easier to cut as it won’t have any splinters, due to its smooth edges it is easier to use a router to create a decorative ends on the furniture which looks beautiful and elegant. The plywood edges often gets splinter whenever you try to cut so it seems difficult to create any detailed designs as the edges will splinter and the board edges will show the layers which make the design look bad.

6. Customization

MDF can be easily customized because it has a smooth surface which can easily cut and even shape or moulded into amazing designs such as scalloped or scrolled. Not only that, it is easier to laminate, veneer or even lacquer to give a wood-like look. When it comes to plywood, it is tough to get a smooth and flawless cut. So if you want shape or mould the board then plywood is not an option.

7. Good for painting surface

MDF board is made from fine fibres, it does not have any wood grains or knots which gives a smooth and suave surface to paint on it. It is better to do first priming with quality of oil-based primer to set the base in the surface and the process of painting can be done quickly.

Uses of MDF

You probably got an idea that why MDF is preferred over plywood, but do you know where it is used. Well, MDF is usually used for indoor applications because of its strong and finished surface. The biggest advantage of MDF is that there is no knots and grains in MDF so it can be easily cut and a screw can be applied. Here are some furniture that MDF is used:-
  • Cabinets & shelves
  • Flooring
  • Speaker boxes
  • Door and door frames
  • Theatre set construction
  • Trade show booths
  • Household funrishings

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When it comes to price, style and workability- MDF is a perfect choice. It is widely used for interiors with amazing and splendid designs. People think that MDF is not suitable for a damp place but with high density moisture resistant grade MDF can be used in furniture where moisture is an issue.. In present times, people also prefer to buy fungus and termite resistant MDF boards for their furniture’s to make their application more long-lasting. So in the end, MDF is the best option for affordable rates and material for interior applications. Need to purchase an MDF board at affordable rates? Then you have come to the right page. VIR MDF provides with best MDF brands in India. We are an MDF board manufacturer to deliver top class products and services to every clientele. We provide different types of products such as MDF panel boards, Prelaminated boards, VIR MAXPRO (HDFWR) boards with a wide range of thicknesses and style to choose from.