MDF or Solid Wood? Here are the Pros and Cons

There are numerous aspects to consider while purchasing panel board material for interior or exterior furniture or panelling applications such as cost, durability, quality, and so on. But the most important question is this beneficial for you and your home interior in terms of price or robustness? Various types of materials are used for interior décor like solid wood, plywood, particle board, pvc board, wpc board, MDF board and more. While buying the materials people often think real wood is better than MDF but it’s not in all cases! In several cases, MDF product outshines the solid wood as an ideal material for an interior application.

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) comes in various, thicknesses and grades to choose from. MDF is an engineered wood that is made from resin and wood fibres. MDF, VIR MAXPRO (HDFWR) is best to use for both interior and exterior applications or even for aesthetical purposes.

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As compared to solid wood, MDF is preferred among the clienteles. Here is a comparison between Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) and solid wood:-

Why MDF is better than Solid Wood

  • Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) is more water-resistant than solid wood. Heavy moisture and water damage solid wood because it compresses and expands in these situations, causing mould. Even if there is a little crack on the application, a whole fungus colony can grow and infest. Areas like the bathroom tend to have high humidity which is not suitable for solid wood.
  • MDF is a man-made product with high technical skills involved in its making that does not change quickly due to its manufacturing method and does not have any visible grains, resulting in a smoother finish for internal applications.
  • Solid wood is prone to infestations and without proper treatment, it can become a house of many termites, woodworms, house borers, carpenter ants and other insects. In that case one must opt for termite resistant MDF board.
  • Changes in temperature are huge problem in solid wood, if there is frequent fluctuation in the temperature like heat or humidity then the material will expand which makes cabinets, doors, furniture etc. less appealing and fall apart. When it comes to MDF, it can withstand the temperature variations and keep your furniture decor looking good and lasting for longer.
  • MDF board is easy to paint and seal than solid wood, as solid wood does not adapt well with paint and cracks the surface and damages the look. As compared to solid wood, there is no need to worry about the visibility of knots in MDF because it is simple to sand and prime.
  • MDF boards are reasonably inexpensive than solid wood which is great for any artistic project.
  • MDF has smooth and continuous surface which is better for cutting, routing, moulding and drilling on the board.
  • MDF is a green product because it is created out of wood fibres and has no carbon footprint. Solid wood, on the other hand, is a natural commodity acquired by logging fully grown or mature trees that have fallen or been chopped down.
  • MDF boards do not have any visible grains on the surface so there are no chances of wood grain bleeding through paint as it can be a major issue in solid wood.
  • MDF sheets are available in larger panels than solid wood. Bead board panels and wainscot panelling can be manufactured from these large MDF sheets which is why it is the best alternative of solid wood.
  • MDF is best for the cabinetry compare to solid wood, due to it durability, moulding of edges with a profiled surface, good for complicated design carving and more.
  • MDF boards can be easily customized than solid wood; you can bring out the creative side of yours and experiment with new ideas and designs.
  • Another advantage of MDF is that you can easily find it in any particular size as per your requirement than any solid wood product like oak or timber.

In Conclusion

Now you understand why MDF is a better and resilient product than solid wood. MDF boards are mostly used for interior applications like cabinets, doors, wall frames and many more kind of furniture. It is easy to customize because of its structure as it can be cut or drilled in many ways without damaging the board. Due to advancements in technology, there are water-resistant MDF boards also called VIR MAXPRO (HDFWR boards) that can be used in high moisture areas. MDF panel is also fire retardant that is widely used in commercial applications. The product itself is less expensive which is a huge selling point for the clients. MDF boards are designed to be stylish, long-lasting, robust and providing more tailoring options than solid wood.

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