Why MDF should be used for Residential Properties

If you decided to do home décor for your residence, you probably heard from your interior designer about MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) – one of the sturdiest, value for money and flexible panel board. MDF is mostly used for the internal applications of residential properties. This panel board material is a great option to do any home decor and furnishing project. Here are some best ideas that you can assimilate into your home décor to make your homes look stunning and sophisticated.
MDF Used in Home

MDF Used in Homes

1. Furniture

MDF is the best choice for indoor furniture or any decorative uses. MDF panel board along with surface décor material like laminate, wood veneer and or paint, etc. gives a smooth and beautiful finish. The furniture is easily made and install on-site which is kind of hassle-free. MDF furniture covered with decorative laminates comes in a spectrum of colours which gives an elegant and sleek look that can complement your home décor style. Termites destroy’ s a billion of stuff yearly, so spending money on termite resistant MDF boards can give protection to furniture from termites that help to keep furniture durable in future.

2. Wall Panelling

Wall panelling is an alternative and cost effective option for wallpaper or tiles. MDF board can be used for wall panelling which can be engraved carved or moulded in various styles and sizes to match the décor. MDF wall panelling is well suited for the sound and thermal safety of the homes. As MDF has a smooth surface it can be easily painted, polished and glossed so you even customize your style for the décor. MDF can be used as TV panelling, you can design it in such a way that it can be used as shelves or cabinets for showpieces.

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3. Partitions

By adding MDF partitions into your homes, it can make the room spacious and elevate the aesthetic look of your property. There are many designs available in partitions such as geometric, fixed, lilac and others which can add charming and demarcate space to the homes. With an MDF sheet, you can make a classy and stylish partition for your home décor which can complement your furniture.

4. Mouldings and Cornices

The surface of the MDF board is suave and made from fine particles which can be seamless for cutting, drilling, and machining. For that, you can carve it into cornices and mouldings, then shape them into a decorative item. Once it is shaped you can add your desired paint or polish or laminate to match up with your home décor, MDF takes colour more swiftly than any material. Designs such as quad, colonial, bullnose, etc. can be created easily.

5. TV Unit Wall

Installing a TV in a wall means the tangles of wires and cables will be visible which creates a bad look in your room. The best way to hide them is to tuck them behind a partition wall. You can design your TV unit in a way that it can even be used as shelves or cabinets made from MDF material.

6. Bathroom Vanity

MDF Sheets water resistance property makes it a good choice to use for bathroom vanities. The water resistant HDFWR sheet must be protected with a good sealant or with good quality paint. This prevents any sort of contraction and expansion of the material.

7. Textured Walls

With MDF you can go creative, innovative, and experiment for your décor. It can be used to make textured walls such as 3D patterns, organic shapes, aesthetic design, and more to create from. MDF board can even act as a base for the textured paint finishes or featured walls.

8. Cabinetry

The advantage of MDF is that it can be used in cabinetry such as shelves, cabinet doors, drawers, and many other furnishings. MDF boards can be designed or converted into various styles such as euro-styled, fully overlay, partially etc. Its resistance to heat and humidity makes it the best option to use in kitchen and bathroom furnishing.


Due to its adaptability and cost-friendly features, MDF is considered as one of the best option for the home décor. The product is compact, firm, flat, has no knots, and is easy to machine, so you can design your aesthetic style of décor. You can get an elegant appearance without spending money on costly materials, which even suits the budget of the customers. Investing and using MDF for your residential properties means you can get better usability, price, and finishing. Finding the right and quality MDF board is challenging, isn't it? At VIR MDF we offer superior quality MDF sheets and VIR MAXPRO (HDFWR) sheets to our customers across India. We have different ranges of products to choose from with wide choices of thickness to the size of the board.