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Melamine MDF Board

VIR MDF offers a variety of Melamine MDF boards that are high-quality and long-lasting, with outstanding machinability, screw-holding strength, and a smooth texture. The boards are expertly crafted to bring excellence and majesty to your surroundings. The core of the board is constructed of wood fibres, which have a flat texture, dimensional resilience, high viscosity, and processing ease. VIR Melamine MDF boards are extremely adaptable and may be used in a wide range of applications, including cabinets, shelving, office furniture, kitchens, retail outlets, and more.

VIR MDF's Melamine MDF boards are one of the greatest furnishing panel alternatives since they are cost-effective and resistant to damp, grazing, and cracks, among other things. Melamine MDF boards are thought to be more environmentally friendly than other panel materials.

Melamine MDF boards are manufactured by applying controlled heat and pressure to decorative melamine-impregnated paper on MDF boards. Its cutting-edge manufacturing process avoids warping, cracking, splitting, or knot development, as well as termite, borer, and fungus infestation.

Reach out to VIR MDF to explore an assortment of Melamine MDF boards suitable to furnish every corner of your space impeccably.

The key feature of the Product:

  • Dimensionally stable
  • Easy Fabrication
  • Smooth and compact edges
  • Easily moulded and routed
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintainable
  • Long-Lasting
  • No Seasonal Effect

Available Size:

8ft x 4ft, 8ft x 6ft

Available Thicknesses:

All International sizes and thickness (2 mm to 30 mm available)

Laminated MDF Boards Image