Protect Your Space with Termite Resistant MDF Boards

A single colony of termites can easily gnaw through your furniture and consume your expensive doors and windows. They make the life of furnishings reduce to a larger extent. To avoid termites infiltrating your house, you must take the precautions steps and may even have to pay for termite treatment plans in order to live a pest-free life.

To get rid of termites from the spaces, owners usually take precautions including eliminating direct contact with soil, calling pest control for monitoring, sealing the wood with the sealant, keeping up with cross ventilation, etc. You can attempt these options, but termite-resistant MDF boards are a viable option.

The components of the termite-resistant MDF boards are manufactured out of a mixture of resins that protects against termites, fungi, and other hazardous microbes. Being affordable and durable, our MDF boards have other advantages as well. Here are a few benefits of using termite-resistant MDF boards at your dwellings:-

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Advantages of Using Termite-Resistant MDF boards for Homes

  1. Controls the Moisture within the Homes
  2. The furniture made from termite-resistant MDF boards can resist the moisture. Our MDF board has been prepared in such a way that it is highly durable and resistant to moisture present in the air. This serves to maintain the quality of your furniture and keep it in good condition for long period.

    Due to this factor, it also helps to keep your space ventilated and refreshing so there is no need to install a dehumidifier to fight moisture and any vapour related issues.

  3. Increase the Longevity of the Furniture
  4. Termites may be little, but they can do a lot of damage to your furniture. Wooden-based materials and cellulose are prone to termite attacks. They can deteriorate the foundation of your homes such as windows, doors, and so forth. However, with termite-resistant MDF board can give a longer life to your furniture in terms of feature, robustness, reliability, and appearance. Even when termite-proof furniture is placed in close proximity near the soil, it might remain undamaged.

  5. Saves overall Time and Cost
  6. Even though these insects are little, they have a significant influence on your furniture. It not only damages your furniture but also costs a lot of money to fix the problem. So, using a termite-resistant MDF board from the beginning can help you to save unnecessary costs and time.

  7. Classy Appearance
  8. Because it is long-lasting, versatile, and appealing to the eye, termite-resistant MDF boards are an ideal choice among architectures and interior designers. There are numerous styles, designs, and patterns to choose from when using PreLaminated MDF boards. Just by installing the board, you can change the whole ambience of the home.

    You can experiment with the MDF boards and create your own unique design with different furniture, as there is no botheration of warping, rotting, and termites.

  9. No Need of Frequent Maintenance
  10. Termites are stealthy invaders that are capable of destroying anything which is made out of wood or wood lookalike products. They can cause great damage to your furnishings, which leads to the piling up of unnecessary repair or replacement costs.

    There is no need for annual maintenance or remaking of furniture that is made from termite-resistant MDF boards because they exhibit no evidence of termite decay.

Applications to use termite-resistant MDF boards

The termite-resistant MDF boards demand has been increasing in the market and it is used in almost every residential and commercial application. Here are a few of them.

  • Wall Panels
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Wardrobes
  • Storage Units
  • Furniture’s
  • Cornices
  • Drawers
  • Partitions and more


Termites devour the wood by infiltrating deep into the furniture and worst of all, termite infestations are only discovered after they have established big colonies or caused extensive damage. To avoid getting into this situation, the customers should switch to termite-resistant MDF boards for their homes. Because of their high workability and inexpensive cost, the boards go well with the residences and provide longevity to the furniture.

Are you seeking MDF board solutions for your homes? Then you are at the right place. VIR MDF is MDF board manufacturer and supplier that offers affordable and durable termite-resistant MDF boards for residential and commercial properties that can enhance the overall environment. Contact us now!