MDF Furniture in the Summer: How to Take Care of It!

The vast majority of people have some non-wood furniture that seems like wood in their homes or workspaces. A food cabinet, table or bookcase may fit into this group. Likely, it’s MDF, a type of water-resistant composite wood product made from wood fibres, glue and wax. Flat-pack furniture and closet doors are famous for this.

MDF is widely used because it is inexpensive, easily available and may be found in various sizes and thicknesses when fully natural wood items are limited. Its resistance to the impact caused by humidity is also significant, as is the fact that it can be moulded into complex forms during production.

MDF Furniture in the Summer

How do I keep MDF?

To ensure the longevity of MDF furniture, avoid prolonged exposure to moisture or high humidity. Regular cleaning with a dry cloth and gentle vacuuming can help keep the look and life of your MDF furniture.

Maintaining Medium-Density Fibreboard furniture is relatively easy and, if done properly, can lengthen its lifespan and keep it looking clean.

Tips to Protect Your MDF Furniture in Summer Season:

When you buy MDF furniture, it is definitely a treasure that needs better care and protection. And, it needs more care, especially when the summer season comes. This is exactly how the tips given below can help you treat your MDF furniture in the summer months-

  • Direct sunlight presents a significant danger to your furniture, so you have to be especially cautious about its covering as and when needed. Direct sunlight spoils both wood and upholstery when furniture gets prolonged contact. Adjust furniture arrangements based on local weather conditions. Transfer it where there is adequate shade.
  • Blinds- Opening up the doors and windows for increased airflow is one of the many excellent home decor ideas for a bright and breezy space in the summer season. However, if sunlight is entering your home and directly exposing your hardwood surfaces to excessive heat, consider adding shades that will partially alleviate the problem and restrict the quantity of sunshine that enters the room. This can help you maintain the area bright, while also safeguarding any furniture that cannot be relocated from its spot in a compact room.
  • Atmospheric humidity plays a major part in lowering the lifespan of your furniture. High amounts of humidity might cause the furniture to bend. Ideally, it is suggested that you keep the humidity around 40 to 45% with the assistance of an efficient and effective dehumidifier.
  • Failing to safeguard against frequent swings in humidity levels, you will notice that your furniture is taking and releasing moisture more frequently. As a result, it will begin to demonstrate obvious systems of growing and shrinking, getting the furniture cracked.


These tips will help you preserve and maintain your MDF furniture looking good, improve its usefulness, and prolong its life. Avoid contact with extreme heat and use the solutions provided in this blog as it’s important to protect your investment.