Utilize MDF Boards to Embellish your Living Room

Every Indian household's living rooms have one similarity- it makes a great space to sit with your family and talk about previous or new memories. No one likes a boring and ordinary living room, but what if I told you that you may improve its appearance by adding MDF furniture that can complement your new living room styles?

Medium-Density Fibre Boards are used in the applications such as cabinets, TV units, wardrobes, study units and other decorative pieces of furniture. It is considered a good option compared to other panel boards including durability, cost, easy installation and upkeep. Here's a blog about outstanding living room styles that features MDF boards.

Use MDF Board in Living Room

Best Living Room Styles that Integrate with MDF

  1. Modern
  2. Spaces and lines are significant aspects while creating a modern-styled living room. A modern living room should maximize space by allowing every part of the area to breathe, including the furniture and the artwork. To create a modern-styled living room, you need to keep an asymmetrical balance, minimal textures and neutral colours to make it stand out as unique and appealing.

    Here are a few applications made out of MDF boards to use:-

    • Abstract or futuristic looking applications
    • Wall bookcases and shelves pull-outs
    • Straight line design furniture’s with more edges and fewer curves.
    • Wall panelling and more which adds a minimal touch.
  3. Contemporary
  4. This style comes with various colours and patterns that add vibrancy and brightness to the living room. With fashionable furniture, contemporary living rooms feature-rich items such as royal vases, artwork and attractive lights. You can incorporate colours and patterns on the applications made out of MDF boards due to their seamless and paintable surface.

    The contemporary-styled living rooms add an urbane and clutter-free look. Integrating larger windows and glass doors in the living room allows having natural sunlight and fresh air. To make the space wide and clutter-free, install storage cabinets. It can be fashioned into many designs that go with the living room motif by using MDF.

  5. Traditional
  6. The traditional design is a refined and elegant style. The creativeness of these designs is taken from the local artwork, print, textiles, handicrafts, furniture and so on which makes them awe-inspiring. You can add rich and warm colours with art and images inspired by the look of traditional rooms from the 18th and 19th centuries. MDF boards help carve furniture that gives an old-fashioned look since it has no knots in the board and can be polished, carved, or drilled.

    You can add traditional living room décor options including elephant-shaped candles or boxes, brass lamps or candle stands, bells and ornaments. MDF boards are largely used in traditional-themed living rooms, they can use to create intricate mouldings and levelled wood panelling to give a classic look.

  7. Rustic
  8. Rustic-styled themes are very close to natural tones that are present in natural surroundings. The backbone of this design is rich wood tones, which are accentuated with stones and other natural colour tones that make it comfortable and homely.

    Choose colours such as beige, brown and others while decorating your home in the rustic style and what better way to do so than with decorative items made of MDF boards, which have a natural and earthy aspect.

  9. Eclectic
  10. An eclectic-styled living room is about mixing and match of the colours, patterns and textures which can create a fun and interactive space. While picking out the wall colour, make sure to go with bold and quirky colours including purple, electric blue etc.

    Creating a one-of-a-kind piece of art produced out of MDF sheets such as exclusive wall décor projects, small storage spots etc., can add a splash of creativity to your living area.

  11. Retro
  12. The retro-styled theme is all about bold colours, shiny décor pieces, movie posters, neon colours. It's all about combining old and new styles, as well as old materials and finishes. While adding the furniture on the bases of the retro theme it includes a wide range of patterns, colours, textures and materials that can counterbalance each other. If you cannot find furniture that resembled the 70s or 80s era, then you can create it with the help of MDF boards such as oversized stools, pod chairs, cube end tables etc.

Bottom Line

MDF does not warp or crack or splinter and it is a perfect choice to use in the interior applications of the living room. Whether you are going with contemporary or rustic or any other theme, still MDF can add elegance and sophistication to the space. Being a product that can be customized, you can shape or mould it into an intriguing and appealing design.

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