VIR MAXPRO (HDFWR): A Best Substitute Material than Others

The interior infrastructure industry is revolutionizing day by day. Applications such as cabinets, counters, wardrobes, door shutters, and so on can now easily withstand the external factors. Wood or its alternative materials are used to create such structures. The materials have their drawbacks and cannot resist external factors for a long time. But, the High-Density Fibre Water Resistant Boards (HDFWR) are exceptional.

VIR MAXPRO, HDFWR is ideal for those spaces that have a high level of moisture. The sheets are manufactured by homogenously combining fibre chips and agro wood. A unique wax is used to make the product with a high moisture absorbent property for high humid environments.

The boards come in a variety that blends well with the modern and aesthetic interior design that makes your residential or commercial spaces look fabulous and stunning. If you are someone who does not have any idea about VIR MAXPRO HDFWR, then let us understand its advantage and why you should invest in this product.

VIR MAX PRO (HDFWR) sheets for Kitchen

Benefits of VIR MAX PRO (HDFWR) sheets for Residence or Commercial

  1. Easy to Maintain:
  2. The best thing about the HDFWR MDF Boards is that they are easy to maintain and clean. HDFWR boards are perfect to use in kitchen applications, the cabinets and shelves can be created without any difficulty. You can store any non-perishable products without worrying about contamination. The boards can withstand sizeable weight of the objects placed above.

  3. Resistant to Termites and Borers:
  4. Termite infestation is a major issue for any homeowner, as it may lead to unsanitary living conditions as well as extensive damage to home furnishings. If you have installed VIR HDFWR boards in your home applications, then you do not have to worry about it.

  5. Moisture-Resistant Properties:
  6. Any liquid substance can distort the most wood-like structures, but using the VIR MAXPRO HDFWR boards would not have any problem. Even if they are damp for some time, the surface of HDFWR boards will not peel. The unique adhesive is used to bind the sheets which will prevent them from readily absorbing water.

  7. Smooth Surface:
  8. The surface of HDFWR boards is smooth, uniform and free of any visible grains. The sheets are easy to paint, carve and mound. Due to its suave surface, it can be used in almost every application like flush doors, outdoor fixtures, kitchen shutters, office or residential areas, wall panels etc.

  9. Elegant Finish:
  10. VIR MAXPRO HDFWR boards give a sophisticated finish to your residential and commercial interior decoration. The sheets are also ideal for complex design carving so you can create your unique designs.

Why HDFWR is a Better Alternative?

  • HDFWR is the best alternative product to plywood, solid wood other materials available in the market to use in residential and commercial spaces. Here are a few points why to choose VIR MAXPRO HDFWR for your home or office projects.
  • Materials like normal plywood, particle wood and solid wood can warp due to water; on the other hand, HDFWR is for high moisture areas.
  • HDFWR product is cost-effective and it can last longer as compared to WPC, plywood etc.
  • The boards have an entirely different construction process than the available sheets in the market. HDFWR is a nature-friendly board that has an approach of eliminating the usage of hardwood stripped trunks in block board and plywood.
  • VIR MAXPRO HDFWR has a high-density strength ranging from 850 to 900 kg/m3 better than any other wood or wood-like product.
  • Wood-like products such as plywood and solid wood have porous surfaces and if you fix them on kitchen platforms then there is a high chance the food particle will get stuck on the surface. It would be very difficult to control infestation and moulding, that’s why VIR HDFWR is a good option.

Summing Up

HDFWR sheet has the potential to replace previously used materials due to its durability and water-resistant properties. This new-age product gives a clean and classy finish to your interiors. HDFWR board has a multi-dimensional bond with a single layer glue structure; it has a stronger moisture resistance than regular wood-like materials.

Are you searching for HDFWR boards for your residence or commercial space, then you are at the right place. VIR MDF is an Indian MDF sheet manufacturer that offers HDFWR, Prelam and MDF boards. Our products strive for quality, durability, and affordability. The boards are available in various sizes and thicknesses as per the customer’s requirements. Contact us now!